Costco is moving ahead with its plan to open a store in Mid-Michigan, but it's probably not the location you may have been hoping for.

Rumors have been circulating since 2018 that Costco would be opening in the now-empty building on Court Street in Burton that was once home to Lowe's. Those rumors were quashed by a Costco representative who said there are no plans to open a Costco in Burton 'yet.' That word -- yet -- has continued to fuel speculation that something is in the works.

In reality, the big-box retailer is now one step closer to opening a store in Midland. The Midland City Planning Commission unanimously approved a site plan from Costco to open a location on Bay City Rd. near US 10. The plan now moves to Midland's City Council for approval next week.

According to WNEM, the plan calls for a warehouse retail store, tire center, and gas station.

While this is certainly good for the city of Midland, it isn't exactly the news we'd been hoping for in Burton.

Keep the rumors going. Maybe Costco execs are listening?

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