They would write 'God Bless', but would not sell her a cross from their catalog to be added to the cake.

This incident took place at the Sam's Club Bakery in Southgate, Michigan when Brandi Dypka went in to order a cake for her son's dedication. When Brandi asked for the words "God Bless' and a cross on the cake, an employee said they would not add the cross. They said "Yeah we just don't do the religious crosses on the cakes. We don't pipe them.".

Brandi then asked for a silver cross from the Sam's Club catalog to be added. The Sam's employee again said they would not do it. Brandi went as far as to contact the corporate office regarding her experience. She says they responded with "If you don't like the cake, don't purchase it."

The issue was resolved when Brandi went back to the store a few days later and the manager and employees agreed to make her cake this time. Sam's Club did release the following statement about the whole ordeal,

"This should have never happened and we have reached out to apologize to Ms. Dypka. We're proud to offer a number of cake options, including inspirational cakes with crosses. In this case, we could have done a much better job of communicating with the member about how to fulfill her specific request. We're grateful she allowed us the opportunity to provide a cake she ordered in time for her son's celebration."


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