Vacations are stressful sometimes.

A woman from New Baltimore, MI was arrested at Disney's Magic Kingdom for choking a teenager who blocked her view of the fireworks. Tabbatha Kay Mature was sitting with her family Wednesday night at Disney's Magic Kingdom in Florida waiting for the fireworks display to begin. When the show started a teenage girl, who was with a group of friends, stood up and apparently blocked the view for Mature and her family. When the group of teenagers decided to leave they told Mature she could have their place. That's when Mature's aggravation bubbled over and she choked the teenage girl. No one was seriously injured and Mature was arrested.

We can all agree that family vacations can be stressful, even in the happiest place on earth. That doesn't give anyone the right to harm other people. It is spring break for most Michigan schools, so I imagine the Disney is extra busy this week, and large crowds can make some people very on edge, but come on. Choking a teenager over fireworks? Not the best example to set for all the children around you.


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