Check out some of your friends, family and neighbors on Disney+ today!

Disney+ is old news at this point, but there's something local brewing on the streaming app: Flint Central high school alumni will take the stage, 27 years later, to perform The Sound of Music.

The show focuses every week on a different high school and, with Broadway professionals on hand, they recreate a musical that was performed in the past.

Personally, as a theatre kid myself, I can't even imagine going back. That's not to say that I don't remember all the words to all the songs in Guys and Dolls, because I do. But what does it feel like when it's over? Is it the same sadness? Does everything just go back to normal, like it did in high school? So many questions.

The episode with Flint Central High School is officially up on the site as of today, so check it out! If not, ask for somebody's password for the weekend.

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