Many folks are not aware of the offerings of our beautiful Michigan State Parks that offer overnight accommodations beyond camping. You will find several different options at different parks across our great state. For overnight lodging some of the offerings are cabins, yurts, safari-style tents, lodges, cottages and tee-pees. So if you don’t own an RV, Camper or camping equipment but you would still like to stay at a state park, the state of Michigan has you covered.

Some of the facilities have already stepped up their game with accommodations by adding Tiny Houses as another lodging option. The Waterloo Recreation Area in Chelsea was the first to open in spring 2021, and several more parks have plans to add Tiny Houses in 2022. So far Clear Lake State Park, McLain State Park, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park as well as Sterling State Park are all adding this new lodging option.

“The tiny house has resulted in new visitors that previously would not have stayed at Sugarloaf Campground because they may not have camping equipment,” Jim O’Brien, unit manager at Waterloo Recreation Area, said in a statement. “It is a great way for people to test out camping before making a major investment.” The tiny houses are one of several new types of lodging the DNR has been adding to its campgrounds as a way to stay in step with evolving travel trends, such as the ever-growing popularity of Airbnb and “glamping.”

The tiny house at the Waterloo Recreation area has a deck with a lake view, it includes air conditioning, ceiling lights and fan. It also has a kitchenette which features a mini refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. All the comforts of home in a beautiful setting.
Not only is Michigan adding new types of accommodations, they have also contracted a professional designer to update and refresh some of its existing cabins and lodges.


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So next time you and your significant other or family want to get away and experience the beauty of Michigan at one of our state parks, now you know what overnight options you have to choose from, including the new “Tiny House” addition. Click here to see a list of available lodging and locations.

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