A nurse in Michigan has been charged with stealing and selling COVID-19 vaccination cards. Bethann Kierczak is also charged with stealing COVID-19 vaccination lot numbers in order to make the stolen vaccine cards look legitimate.

Kierczak reportedly also had access to immunization records at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Southgate. She allegedly ran her scheme for more than four months, selling vaccination cards for anywhere from $150 to $200 each.

Court records indicate that a confidential source requested a card for a man who the source said would only be allowed to visit his children if he showed proof of vaccination.

“Can you get me just ONE of them damn vaccination cards,” the source wrote.

According to The Guardian, the nurse agreed and told the source she would need the man's name and birthdate in order to falsify the card.

“Tell him I charge $150 for these, so he owes you a favor,” Kierczak allegedly wrote, along with a laughing emoji.

Kierczak was arrested on September 29 and later released on bond. Saima Mohsin is acting US attorney for the eastern district of Michigan.

“Regardless of whether an individual chooses to get vaccinated, we urge everyone to avoid turning to schemes like these to evade vaccination requirements,” Mohsin said in a filing." Selling these cards is a crime."

The number of false vaccination cards being circulated in the United States is on the rise as employers, concert venues, schools, and even restaurants are increasingly requiring employees and associates to show proof of vaccination.


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