Bet you're wondering where Ohio came in...

...and if you think they stink, you're right. Our southern neighbors came in at #48, hailed as the "Florida of the North."


Okay, okay, we're done. We'll layoff Ohio and all the other states that came in behind us, which means BUCKLE UP, MICHIGANDERS because WE'RE #1! WE'RE #1!


A recent list by the website Thrillist has ranked the mitt as the best state in our fine nation. Of course, they start out by pointing out the ever-so-tiring "Michigan gets a bad rap" line. Yeah yeah, we know. We live in Flint.

Since we have more coastline than every other state except for Alaska, we have great craft breweries and we've raised some of the most famous people of our time (Eminem, Tim Allen, Jeff Daniels, Aretha Franklin, Kid Rock...we'll just stop there), we think it's well deserved.

Of course, we're biased. But who wouldn't be?

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