A good reminder to be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially if you're helping somebody on the side of the road.

JJ Hadyniak, a mechanic from Romulus, was driving down I-94 near Belleville Road on Sunday when he saw a woman having trouble with a flat tire. He pulled over to help and noticed a few things that didn't add up: the trunk wasn't open, there was no jack and no license plates on the car. He shined his flashlight on the woman, and then panned over where he saw a man lying in the grass.

Once he shined the light on the man in the grass, the couple bolted in a hurry. The car was a silver Nissan Sentra. JJ called the police immediately and wants to warn others that not EVERYTHING is what it seems. He says that, if he hadn't seen the man in the grass, he could've been robbed, beaten up, had his car stolen...or worse.

A good reminder to be aware of everything, all the time.

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