A local business in Walker, Michigan praises the man who found and returned their lost bank deposit.

Friday Sobie Meats in Walker posted on facebook to show how grateful they are after a man walked through their front doors turning a very bad week into a very good weekend.  This all started when they lost their bank deposit on Wednesday, according to the Sobie Meats facebook post,

Wednesday we lost our bank bag with our deposit money in it. We looked everywhere retracing our steps. All our employees were looking for it all day. Just sick inside that it was misplaced somewhere.

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After watching security video footage they realized that the bag was dropped in the parking lot.  The money bag was then spotted by a man and picked up.  That's when an absolutely bizarre coincidence took place.  Tim Sobie called the police about this incident, but before the police arrived, in walked a man with a money bag.  Not a single cent was missing from Sobie Meat's bank deposit.

Sobie told Wood TV 8 that this is proof that that the West side is the best side,

Here on the west side of Grand Rapids, everybody looks out for one another.  What a beautiful, beautiful thing.

In appreciation of the good Samaritan Sobie told the man that the next round of steaks will be free.

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