The State of Michigan is ending its deal with a company that provides food to the prisons after a number of issues arose over the past few years.

In a news release Monday, Governor Snyder's administration said the state and Aramark Correctional Services have "mutually agreed" to end the relationship. Aramark had previously been fined $200,000 for unapproved menu substitutions, inadequate staffing and employee misconduct. There were also maggot and rodent problems with the food.

Snyder had defended Aramark saying the state was saving close to $14 million annually through the privatization. However, reports say the state and Aramark could not come to mutually agreed upon terms of an extension.

Trinity Services Group, which currently operates prison food service in 44 other states and serves more that 300,000 inmates daily, will trasition to become Michigan's new vendor over the next two months.