Driving with frost on your windshield is not only dangerous for you and other drivers but can also land you a ticket.

A police officer in Roseville has just returned to work after getting into an accident because another driver failed to defrost their windshield. Now police are reminding drivers to take a few extra minutes in the morning to make sure their windows are clear and all the snow and ice are brushed off your car. If you don't, you could end up paying almost $200 in fines.

We are all guilty of not fully cleaning off our cars throughout the winter. I hate going out on a cold morning and cleaning off my car. It's cold, the snow can be heavy, and it just overall is a pain. However, not getting in an accident and not having to pay a fine are two good reasons to take the extra time in the morning.

Should you get a ticket for this, you could get one of these fines depending on how the judge feels that day. You might get a $175 fine for impeding traffic, a $130 fine for interfering with moving traffic or driving with obstructed vision which will cost you $120.

So do yourself a favor, be safe and clean off your car in the morning... and no, you can't drive like this either.


Source: WILX

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