Congressman Dan Kildee issued the following statement in recognition of Memorial Day:

"Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for our country's brave men and women who, throughout history, have given their lives to defend our nation and its freedoms. Today we honor our fallen heroes as well as their families, who have also endured unthinkable loss. We will never forget the service and the sacrifice of those in uniform."

"As our nation continues to have troops deployed overseas, we must also keep these soldiers in our thoughts and hope for their swift return home. I will always stand with our troops and returning veterans to make sure that they have the resources necessary, both in combat and when they return home."

Another Michigan Congressman, Dave Camp, spoke at a Memorial Day wreath laying in Midland:

"Today we join together to remember and give thanks for the sacrifices of the men and women who fought for this country. By laying a wreath, waving a flag or watching the Red, Whit and Blue of a parade, on Memorial Day, we set aside our daily distractions, and remember those who have served so much to preserve our freedom."

"We forget the differences that seperate us, and unite as one community and country, to thank the men and women who defended our great nation, those who gave the last full measure of devotion, and the families they left behind."

"We honor the memory of all who served the United States Military, and we must never forget their courage and bravery. May God watch over our servicemen and women, and comfort the families of our fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines; may He continue to grant this nation the courage to defend life and liberty; and may God bless these United States of America."

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