If you have a tendency to speed while behind the wheel, you're going to want to slow things down a bit over the next week or so as police agencies from all over Michigan will be looking for people like you.

Technically, they'll be looking for anyone and everyone that's speeding.

When Will Police Be Targeting People That Are Speeding?

Police agencies from all around the state will be beefing up patrols to target speeding drivers from June 18 to 26.

According to ABC 12, The Great Lakes, High Stakes campaign is a response to an alarming increase in speeding and deadly crashes in Michigan over the past two years during the coronavirus pandemic.

You have to admit, some drivers lately have been driving out of control. It feels like people have zero patience when it comes to others drivers. In my 30+ years of driving, the past couple has been by far the worst when it comes to speeding and out-of-control drivers.

Alicia Sledge, interim director of the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning:

Speeding continues to be a critical issue in Michigan that leads to many needless crashes, serious injuries and fatalities on our roadways. It has been proven that the faster you drive the greater your risk of dying in a crash.

Apparently, 200 of the many traffic deaths that occurred in 2020 were due to speeding.

We hope this increased enforcement over the coming weeks will help change these dangerous driving behaviors and save lives.

I know people hate being told what to do these days but do your best to slow down. You never know, it could save your life or the life of others.

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