Officials suspended the license of a marijuana facility in Bay County.

According to reports, a facility in Bay County that processes marijuana had its license suspended for violations on Monday. The facility is located at 3843 Euclid Avenue in Bay City was forced to lay off over 100 of their employees due to the suspension.

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency suspended the business' license and ordered a recall of its products upon watching surveillance video. The officials found a number of health and safety violations in the video feeds.

The recall includes Covert Cups at the following locations:

  • Puff Cannabis Company in Bay City
  • Euclid, LLC in Bay City
  • Shango Bay City on Wilder Road
  • Shango Lapeer on Genesee Street
  • Pure Options in Mt. Pleasant
  • House of Fire Provisioning in Mt. Pleasant
  • Jars Cannabis in Owosso

On top of a failure in compliance testing, the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency found other violations including:

  • Failure to observe the sampling process for Covert Cups.
  • Eating food or marijuana edibles inside the business.
  • Wearing only street clothes in production areas.
  • Using cell phones with gloved hands.
  • Not washing hands as often as recommended.
  • Touching fingers to lips while using an opened ingredient.
  • Licking a spatula during production and continuing to use it.

Euclid LLC released a statement saying that the regulator's announcement painted an inaccurate picture of the operation. Euclid LLC said that the facility is clean and safe.

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Source: ABC 12 & WNEM

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