It seems like right around the holidays is always peak time for scammers.

The Michigan Department of Treasury is warning of new collections scam involving the United States Postal Service.

They say anyone owing back taxes should keep an eye out for fraudulent letters.

In the scheme, a letter appearing to be from the government arrives in the mail, asking the taxpayer to immediately contact a toll-free number to resolve the debt or get their assets seized.

The letter seems credible, because it uses specific personal facts about the outstanding tax debt pulled from publicly available information.

Deputy State Treasurer Ann Good says,

“All taxpayers need to be aware of this scam. If you have questions about an outstanding state debt, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The state Treasury Department’s correspondence involves official letters sent through the U.S. Postal Service, including several options to resolve your debt and information outlining your taxpayer rights.”

Anyone who thinks they've received a fraudulent letter or has questions about tax debt should call 1-866-218-7224.

The Treasury’s Collections Service Center can log the scam, verify outstanding state debts, and provide payment options.

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