A woman who works for Nautical North Family Adventures in Cheboygan, MI made an astounding discovery in Lake Huron that trails all the way to Kalamazoo. While "washing windows" she came across a small green bottle that had a paper scroll inside of it. Upon opening the bottle she discovered a message written on paper that reads: "WILL THE PERSON WHO FINDS THIS BOTTLE, RETURN THIS PAPER TO GEORGE MORROW CHEBOYGAN, MICHIGAN. and tell where it was found? September 1926." This prompted everyone who saw the discovery to try and track down his family.

It looks as though the family has been tracked down, as a quick search shows that George Morrow was actually buried in Kalamazoo:

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According to Ancestry there was a George Joseph Morrow born in 1908 in Cheboygan (parents Joseph Morrow and Margaret Scanlon). He died in 1995 in Farmington Hills and is buried in Kalamazoo. The age would seem about right-he would have been about 18 when the letter went into the bottle.

Many people belonging to the Morrow lineage started finding out that he could be a part of the family and apparently the family was contacted:

I CALLED THE DAUGHTER ON THE PHONE!!! SHE'S So excited!! She said that this is exactly what her father would have done. They do not have Facebook so she had no clue that so many people were searching for her family. I emailed her all the info of the company and the pictures posted.

We'll have to wait and see what the family will do once they have the message. The oldest message in a bottle to date was discovered in the Indian Ocean and was 132 years old upon its discovery in 2018.

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