Since the issue of how we're going to pay for the roads in Michigan hasn't been resolved, the debate as to how and how much continues.  To recap, Governor Whitmer proposed a 45 cent gas tax shortly after being elected and drew considerable fire.  I too thought it was a bad idea and suggested a 1% sales tax increase which should take care of the bill.  Others weighed in with various solutions but it always seems to come back to gas tax.

In an article on, The Michigan Department of Transportation figures the total bill to fix the damn roads will be about $2.5 billion.  Unfortunately, the 45 cents per gallon tax hike won't get to that number.  MDOT is suggesting a per gallon tax increase to 80 cents.  I don't know about you but I think we need to come up with another way to get this taken care of.  If you want more of the specifics click HERE.



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