WHAT?? No tornadoes, hurricanes or dust storms?

So I'm gonna go rogue and look at the positives here - it's not supposed to be quite as cold as it was last year, which is a HUGE plus. It can snow and rain and sleet and whatever but, if it's too cold to open your front door, it's like the nail in the coffin.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) has released their 2019/2020 winter outlook. For Michigan, it looks like temperatures will be close to "normal," whatever that is. Hopefully that means that we won't seen any life-threateningly cold temps, though.

As far as precipitation, snowfall estimates are not given because they usually can't be predicted more than a few weeks out. But the map shows that it could be a wetter winter than last, whether that means rain or snow.

We'll get through it together, Michiganders. We always do.

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