Lisa Brown would like to overturn Roe vs. Wade in the name of her vagina.

For no to mean no, for Lisa’s vagina to settle the issue, there can be no compelling state interest in fetuses, as Roe vs. Wade claims.  Lisa Brown’s juvenile, narcissistic vagina ploy is a full frontal assault on the legitimacy of Roe vs. Wade.  From Section X of Harry Blackmun’s opinion:

“We repeat, however, that the State does have an important and legitimate interest in preserving and protecting the health of the pregnant woman, whether she be a resident of the State or a nonresident who seeks medical consultation and treatment there, and that it has still another important and legitimate interest in protecting the potentiality of human life. These interests are separate and distinct. Each grows in substantiality as the woman approaches term and, at a point during pregnancy, each becomes "compelling."”

Lisa would love for this to be a monologue, and have us all get lost in her sophomoric vagina synecdoche.  According to Roe, the state has a compelling interest in protecting potential human life; it is the state’s responsibility to try to balance the right of fetuses and the right of women.

Under Roe, the state has the further responsibility to regulate the medical procedure of abortion:

“The State has a legitimate interest in seeing to it that abortion, like any other medical procedure, is performed under circumstances that insure maximum safety for the patient.  This interest obviously extends at least to the performing physician and his staff, to the facilities involved, to the availability of after-care, and to adequate provision for any complication or emergency that might arise.”

It’s too bad Lisa Brown doesn’t take her responsibility to legislate in this matter more seriously.  We should try to do better.  We should not allow Lisa Brown’s vagina to hide her assault on Roe vs. Wade.

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