The Fenton community has really come together for Kenzie Lawson and her family in the last year.

Kenzie fell on her knee during gym class in 8th grade late last year. It swelled up so badly that she had to go to her doctor; she had been having unexplained bruising, so they did blood work and sent it off. They called later that day and said that it was abnormal; she was sent to the oncology department at Hurley Children's Hospital where she found out that had acute myloid leukemia.

Her mom, Lady, was terrified. "It was a pit in my stomach, fall-over-to-the-floor tears. So scary." Kenzie told us that she didn't understand what was going on; she remembers feeling "weak" and squeezing her mom's hand, just to see if she could still do it.

Kenzie ended up doing most of her treatment during the pandemic; she was locked down in her hospital room at Hurley Children's Hospital.

Her volleyball team, Fenton schools, and the surrounding community came together for Kenzie and her family. And, on June 15th, she rang the bell at Hurley, signaling that she is DONE with treatment!

She credits the staff and resources at Hurley Children's Hospital from the Children's Miracle Network for getting her and her family through this tough time. "They made the hospital fun."

Can you be a miracle maker and help kids like Kenzie? Text HURLEY to 51555 or call 877-719-KIDS (5437) to donate to kids like Kenzie from Fenton.

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