As journalism blends with entertainment on the one hand, and advocacy on the other, it’s easy to forget what it used to be when it inspired.  If you’d like a reminder of what journalism once aspired to, watch this video.  In Lara Logan, you see that this aspiration is still alive, and journalism can still inspire.


Lara Logan is a reporter for CBS news.  She was just featured on 60 Minutes, sharing the harrowing story of the physical and sexual assault that almost left her dead in Tahir Square after the overthrow of Hosni Mubarek in Egypt.  In this story, she is the subject.  It is riveting and horrifying.  But if you want to know how she survived, you need to watch the video below, a keynote address on journalism before a room filled with those who shape how journalism is practiced today.  In it, you see why she survived:  because she is made of beautiful, shimmering steel.