Dear Dr. Psarcasm,

Should the President have apologized for the recent Koran burning incident by U.S. soldiers in Afhanistan?

Worried in Clio


Dear Worried,

There is nothing worse than Koran burning.  NOTHING.  Yes of course the President should have apologized.  Those who want to bring up beheadings, honor killings, murder, the bombing of Coptic Christian churches, death sentences for those who convert to Christianity, etc., etc., stoop to the worst sort of moral equivalency.  Barak Obama was clearly right to apologize; what our soldiers did was appalling…so, should we be worried?  Please remember that jihad tends to be mischaracterized grossly in the media.  Primarily, when the Koran mentions “jihad” it is referring to the spiritual struggle of the individual as he strives for purity.  The jihadist is at “war” with himself, with his baser, unholy self.  Surely we can all agree this is a “war” worth fighting...even Sean Penn and Maria Conchita Alonso.

Rest easy,

Dr Psarcasm

“Remember, the ‘P’ is NOT silent.  Seriously.”


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