When students in the Lapeer Community School district return to school in the fall they will notice an extra layer of security. If you are visiting a school there will be a cue to press a buzzer at the point of entry. When the buzzer is pressed the office will be alerted someone is trying to enter. The buzzer will also indicate an intercom system with video so the staff can have a conversation with the person trying to enter the building.

Begining this school year there will only be one point of entry to each building in the Lapeer Community School District. There are meetings scheduled with each building to prepare for the changes.

With all the new technology added to the school district, comes better communication with first responders. There will be a virtual walkthrough of each building, so if there is an incident the first responders will be able to see the image and get to the problem faster.

All eleven Lapeer Community School buildings will have the new security upgrades and be trained and ready to use them by the time school begins in the fall.


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