Whether you're looking for a local museum where you and the kids can soak in a little culture or looking to take a road trip to other parts of the state, Michigan offers a wide variety of museums that are child friendly - some of which even have 'children's' right in the name.

From Marquette to Detroit, we found 19 facilities here in the Great Lakes State where you and the family can lose yourselves for the day.

If you're in the Flint area, our Cultural Center offers two kid-friendly choices; The Flint Children's Museum and the Sloan Museum which is currently under construction. Courtland Center in Burton is the museum's temporary home until the renovation is complete, which is expected to be in July of 2022.

Check Out All These Kid-Friendly Museums in Michigan

Whether you're looking for local children's museum where you can take the kiddos for an afternoon, or looking for an excuse to take a road trip to another part of the state, Michigan offers a wide selection of kid-friendly museums where you and the family can lose yourselves.

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