UPDATE (11/23): The Macomb County Public Works Department said the coloring was caused by a dye that checks for illegal sump pump connections. The bright green water is not toxic.

Cranberry Creek which runs through a neighborhood in Clinton Township recently turned mysteriously green for some reason and no one has a clue as to why.

In a subdivision off of 17 Mile in Clinton Township the water that runs through a creek all of a sudden turned bright green. It almost looks like something you'd see in Chicago on St. Patrick's Day.

The creek runs behind Susan Biernat's home who says the green water runs as far as she can see in both directions and is very concerned because the water runs into the Clinton Rover.

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Susan Biernat:

We want answers for sure. And if someone's dumping something which I can't imagine it's from 20 gallons of antifreeze from a boat or RV that's being winterized. I can't imagine that but we want those people stopped if they are.

Fox 2 Detroit
Fox 2 Detroit

Biernat also says that the day before the water turned green, the creek was alive with wildlife but that isn't the case now. She said all the wildlife simply disappeared.

Some people on social media have suggested that it could possibly be a green dye used for dye tracing. Dye tracing is a method of tracking and tracing various flows using dye as a flow tracer when added to a liquid. Dye tracing may be used to analyse the flow of the liquid or the transport of objects within the liquid.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, there are so many unanswered questions but the Public Works Department is conducting an investigation into the bizarre green water.

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