A 4th grade student at Kearsley's Fiedler Elementary School was told she would be sent to detention if she wore her shirt that showed "too much skin" again. Call me crazy, but I don't see anything wrong with her shirt.

It's not every day that your young daughter comes home from elementary school and tells you she will be sent to detention next time she wears her shirt to school, but that's exactly the conversation one local mom had with her 4th grade student this week. Apparently, the girl wore the shirt seen in the picture below, and was told that it showed "too much skin" and next time she wore it -- she'd be spending the day in detention. Geez, Fiedler. Seems like overkill.

I agree that dress codes should be enforced, but I don't know what the hell the school is talking about here. That shirt is perfectly fine. Maybe I'm not the high court in this matter, but I do have a daughter around the same age and I know that she's worn similar shirts and has never been threatened with detention.

Regardless of whether the shirt is inappropriate or not (it's not though) -- is threatening a young child with disciplinary action the standard move in a case like this? I would think that contacting the parents would be the play here, especially with younger kids. Sure, some parents are completely checked out and that has to be discouraging for the staff, but that is not the case here. I'm a long-time friend of the family in question, and they're good people. I know for a fact that this would've been better handled by contacting the parents, but they chose to embarrass a young girl instead. Real nice.


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