In our world today mercy should be an essential part of our everyday life as we know that everyone is not perfect. Along with that, there is a chance for people that made dumb mistakes in the past to change their lives and that is through Forgotten Men Ministries. With their main goal of helping people that are in jail get a new lease on life. This idea was the main theme of this episode of The Stacy Swimp Show as Police Sheriff Chris Swanson came in and discussed how we can be an influence on people who are arrested. Along with that, he told an incredible story about a young man named Wyatt who fell on some hard times but by the grace of God he was able to make it through those hard times with Chris Swanson being a major influence in his life. He explains that this is what his job is all about. It is about helping people and hopefully leading them to the life-changer that is Jesus Christ. 

Along with that, we had Chaplain Kenny Hovis and Chaplain Isaac both work with Forgotten Man Ministries and go into the prisons to teach people that there is a better life out there for them. They meet with inmates one on one and try to help inmates through a very hard time in their life. They also direct inmates to G.R.O pods which stand for God Restoring offenders. Along with this Chaplain, Kenny Hovis told a story about how a gentleman recognized the two Chaplains and paid for their lunch. Talking to this man they discovered that he was imprisoned in 2008 and Forgotten Man Ministries showed him the word of the Lord. This changed his life as when he was released from prison in 2018 and now he is an Assistant Pastor at a local Church. It was amazing and encouraging to both Chaplains to see that people are being changed from the hard work that they are doing in the prisons. 

At the end of the show, we got to hear the captivating testimony from Reverend Stacy Swimp himself and how he was arrested in 1994 and faced life imprisonment. Luckily, people from Forgotten Men Ministries gave him a booklet that he filled out and was accepted into the ministry and was taught the word of the Lord. This changed Reverend Stacy Swimp's life as his path changed and he is now Reverend Stacy Swimp. It makes us all realize that no matter what you have done in the past, no matter what you are going through, God is always working through everyone. These stories show the power that this ministry has on the thousands of men who have experienced the lowest points  of their lives. We can see hope in the darkness.

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