We may know where Jimmy Hoffa's final resting place is later on today according to alleged mob member Tony Zerilli and Detroit television station WDIV.

Jimmy Hoffa disappeared on a July night in 1975, and since then his final resting place has been the source of legends. The most recent theory had FBI teams digging up a driveway in Roseville this past summer.

Enter Tony Zerilli, 85, the son of Detroit's legendary godfather Joe Zerilli. Tony is an alleged mob member who was in jail at the time of Hoffa's demise. Mr Zerilli says What happened, happened while I was in jail. And I feel very, very bad about it and it should have never happened to Jim Hoffa. He didn't deserve what happened to him." The Federal government believes  that Tony held a position in Detroit's underworld that would have given him access to information regarding Hoffa's disappearance, and ultimately his final resting place.

Mr. Zerilli claims that Mr. Hoffa's final resting place isn't far from where he was last seen. He claims that the body is buried in a shallow grave in a field in northern Oakland County, just about 20 miles north of the Machus Red Fox restaurant.

Television reporter Kevin Dietz of WDIV says the station plans on revealing where Mr. Zerilli says the body is buried during a newscast that is scheduled to air today.

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