I was a shocked to hear about the loss of a Flint legend over the weekend. Former Flint talk radio host Dave Barber passed away over the weekend at the age of 60. I had the honor of working with Dave when I worked at his sister station here in town.

I hadn't met Dave when he burst into my studio one night to introduce himself, though I knew of him by reputation. Controversial, uproarious, egomaniacal, and polarizing. Caught off guard by his surprise visit I had no idea what to expect. He had apparently heard a bit I was doing during the 2004 election and had come in to compliment me. Basically, my alter ego, "Just Bob", ran for and won the position of Flint's first ever 'Mayor of Dort Highway'.

Despite everything I had heard about Dave, we hit it off immediately, and he was always asking to do cameos on my show! We developed a unique friendship over the years, one that I will miss dearly! His vast political knowledge next to my complete utter stupidity on the subject made for some hilarious radio.

One of my favorite moments with Dave was when he insisted on swearing me in as Mayor of Dort Highway. Yes, that's out very own Traffic Watch reporter, Chris Monroe (aka Lil' Rock) giggling in the background. Completely improvised and unscripted, this is how I will always remember my good friend, Dave Barber.