There's a reason super-fans of the Flint Farmer's Market absolutely love it. Take a look inside, here. So many local start-up restaurants, businesses and long-time family-run shops are there for all of us, under one roof. Let's take a look at one of those businesses growing, so much... It's time to get its own storefront.

Spectacular Spudz growing in Downtown Flint, Michigan

  • Spectacular Spudz owner, Keysa Smith, opened Spectacular Spudz at the Flint Farmer's Market in 2016. She told FlintBeat.com (in 2021) her vision for growing into a new space started in 2019, but that was delayed by the passing of her father and mother during the pandemic. The latter helped with many aspects of the business. The next chapter was supposed to have started by now.

Why isn't Spectacular Spudz open in their new location yet?

There're a couple reasons, according to the owner.

  • Issues with the build-out
  • Awaiting final inspections, pending the build-out
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When & Where is Spectacular Spudz in Flint Farmer's Market moving?

  • The new location will have a soft opening in March. Their last day operating at Flint Farmer's Market is February 9th, 2023.
  • Look for the new restaurant to be located at 131 W Second Street near Comma Bookstore, Mott Community College Culinary School and Elga Credit Union's Downtown Branch.
Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Incredibly flavorful, filling baked potatoes at Flint's Spectacular Spudz

If you can imagine any topping in the world to put on a baked potato... I bet Spectacular Spudz has thought of it. You won't leave hungry.

In the new location they'll have more hours to operate, too. Remember, the Farmer's Market operates on limited hours in winter. Congratulations on your growth. We'll be more than ready when you're able to open up shop again.

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