Mother's Day happens every May, but somehow it sneaks up on kids of all ages all over Michigan... every year. Let's hope this list of Michigan's Best and somewhat "fancy" spots will help treat mom to a tasty, memorable meal. Of course, you can take all of the credit.

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The best Mother's Day dining experience depends on your mom, sometimes.

Chances are, your mom falls into one of these six categories. Keep in mind, that doesn't mean you can't surprise her with something "fancy-ish."

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  • "Laid back, nothing fancy."
  • "Let's try that new place. I hear it's good. If it sucks, we'll have Hot Pockets back at your place."
  • "I don't care where we go as long as I'm spending time with you."
  • "Let's get a mimosa and talk about what (insert name here) did. You won't believe it."
  • "I spent 3,000,022 hours in labor with you... you can take me for a decent meal, dammit."
  • "Let's do a fancy place."

Mom is always right, unless she would never treat herself to a fancier meal. Then, surprise her. You know she'll brag on you and the meal to all of her friends for weeks to come.

Mother's Day dining is tasty no matter where you live around Michigan

Spanning the major cities, in Michigan's lower peninsula, with historic dining options to newer fare along the water in West Michigan, there's a flavor and scenic view for any mom... even in the Upper Peninsula. Take a look:

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