It seems this time of year, more than ever, comfort foods reign supreme. Maybe it's the colder weather or the snowy days, but there's nothing better than those favorite foods that just warm your heart and your belly at the same time.

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There's something about sinking your teeth into a flavorful creation that brings people together. Whether you're grabbing a quick bite on your lunch break or indulging after a night out, comfort food is easily the star of the show. Although there's a wide variety of Pure Michigan favorites that could easily be the best of the best, one in particular takes the top spot for Michiganders.

The team at Wallet Hub put together a delicious recent study of the "Most Popular Comfort Food in Each State". Now, there are a ton of choices that may quickly come to mind when it comes to comfort food in Michigan, but it makes perfect sense the to #1 slot belongs to a selection that's Pure Michigan through and through.

What's the Most Popular Comfort Food in Michigan?

Here in Michigan, the top comfort food is pasties, a culinary gem that embodies warmth, tradition, and comfort in every bite. The pasty came to Michigan in the 1840s when Cornish miners immigrated to the Upper Peninsula for its developing mines and bountiful iron and copper deposits according to Gander News Room. For nearly two centuries, those pasties have endured Up North as a traditional miners’ food.

Unsplash: Scott Eckersley
Unsplash: Scott Eckersley

Whether beef, veggie, or chicken, you have to admit that savory pastry-filled concoction is the perfect fix when you need a little something tasty that just hits the spot. Pasties are about sitting around a table with loved ones, breaking open that crust to reveal the steaming, fragrant goodness inside—a culinary ritual passed down through generations.

You can take a look at the whole methodology behind the choice, which was part of a larger study on eating habits across the county, and the full list state by state here.

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