In a time when everyone wants to debate and argue, let's talk about something everyone seems to agree on and When it comes to food, there's really not much to dislike, and if you live near a city that embraces everything food, then you're easily in love.

The country is loaded with great cities known for their culinary choices and local specialties, but some cities are just plain made for foodies. With that sentiment in mind, the gang at Redbook magazine put together a list of the "15 Best Food Cities in the U.S. to Chow Down In". These are those cities across the nation that kick up their food game but may fly under the radar.

"Sure, NY and LA top any list of the best foodie cities across the country, but there are plenty of other spots that may not automatically spring to mind", Redbook said. 

Securing a spot on the list, and seriously, rightfully so, is Detroit. Detroit's food scene is an absolute feast for the senses, from sizzling Coney Island hot dogs to gourmet fusion cuisines that make your taste buds dance. Whether you're in the mood for authentic Mexican street tacos, the finest in elegant dining, or just a good old-fashioned 'D' style pizza, the home of Motown has it all.

"Motor City is revving back to life with buzzy restaurants like Lady of the HouseMabel GrayThe Apparatus Room, and Prime + Proper Steakhouse. Snack on flavored Nutella macarons and cappuccinos at For the Love of Sugar, and this spring, keep an eye out for the grand opening of Detroit Shipping Co., a beer garden and food hall, featuring vendors such as Brujo Tacos & Tapas, Motor Burger, and Bangkok 96", Redbook noted. 

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Seems Detroit has been the unsung hero of America's food scene for too long, and is now making its mark in a big way. Nicely done! Be sure to plan a little culinary road trip to the D soon.

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