Davison's Lake Callis Recreation Complex opened to the public during the summer of 2015 to much fanfare. It remains a community favorite today despite some resident security concerns.

For those unfamiliar, the area is next to Jack Abernathy Regional Park along the walking / biking trail that connects Davison and the township. Lake Callis is located at 1152 N Gale Road, Davison, MI 48423 and named after the late Bob Callis.

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Why was Lake Callis closed 4th of July weekend?

Davison Township Supervisor, Jim Slezak, made the call after Davison Township Police Chief Jay Rendon informed him of several security issues over the last month. Some of which include destruction of property, fights, weapons and more.

Despite the issues over the last month or so, TV-5 reported many residents expressed wanting to keep the park open at the special board meeting held July 5th. The board later voted to do so, with new restricted hours and security. Regular security presence has not been in place until now.

What are the new hours for Lake Callis?

The park's new hours and security schedule are as follows:

  • Monday through Thursday 9am-7pm. Security 2pm-7pm
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9am-7pm. Security 9am-7pm

These hours appear different from the original 2023 posted schedule.

Despite having a long complicated & confusing resident / non-resident fee schedule for every single thing you can imagine like the splash pad, annual family passes, daily passes, bicyclists, walkers, holidays or regular days (26 different fees)... it's hard to believe people would pay to cause trouble, but this is modern day life.

Much like when Grand Blanc learned about the need for security after 2023's Annual Family Fun Fest, Davison is learning the same. Our "hometown" or "sleepy" communities need to consider security these days. It's no longer 1970 or 1980-something when everything was fondly remembered as "perfect."

That does not mean everything is going to hell in a handbasket. It means we need to build safety into our community plans and provide funding to make it happen.

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