Once again diners around Flint and Genesee County, MI need to be weary of dirty kitchens.


(THIS IS THE LINK-->) Of the 74 of the 155 inspected many had these similar issues:

  • Excessive grease build-up in kitchen hood vents (can cause fire--and drip into food)
  • Dirty Kitchens: floors with lots of grease, dirt and food debris build up.
  • Lack of hand sink accessibility -- many restaurants use these for ice dumps, no paper towel, soap or even use them as storage.

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Why don't we publish all of the restaurants with violations? You'll see if you follow the above link, there's a bunch of health department codes, notes, etc that look like gobbledee-gook to the reader.

These 81 restaurants made the perfect list for November.

Burton 9 out of 16 restaurant inspections

Taco Bell 4071 Davison Rd

Lisa's Lone Pine G-4061 Fenton Rd

Classics Bar G-4243 S Saginaw St

Scooters Coffee 1242 E Bristol RD

McDonald's 2445 Center Rd

Dairy Queen 2444 S Center

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill 4135 Court S

Taco Bell 1176 N Belsay RD

Big John Steak & Onion G-3485 Fenton Rd


Clio 7 out of 11 inspections

CoCoMo Bubble Tea STFU 13100 N Lewis RD

Biggby Coffee 5105 W Vienna RD

Domino's Pizza 3520 W Vienna RD

CoCoMo Bubble Tea 425 W Vienna RD Ste 4

Big Boy 4447 W Vienna Rd

The Black Horse Tavern 12598 N Saginaw

Little Caesar's 2183 W Vienna Rd

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Davison 6 out of 13 inspections

Randols Pizza 8110 E Court St

Dominos 825 State St

Biggby Coffee 709 S State St Ste B

Little Caesar's 1081 S State St

Guido's Premium Pizza 1049 N Irish RD

Squeeze The Day 8110 E Court St


Fenton 6 out of 9 inspections

Taco Bell 3234 Owen Rd

Culver's of Fenton 3202 Owen Rd

McDonald's 3216 Owen Rd

Kona Ice of Fenton I 2181 Lilac LN

Biggby 235 N Leroy Suite A

China King 4035 Owen Rd


Flint 27 out of 66 inspections

Lupes 1112 S Elms Rd

Jay E Jacobs 300 E First St

Big John Steak & Onion 3335 S Dort HWY

Red Robin 4141 Miller Rd

Arbys 3742 Davison Rd

Subway G-3458 S Linden Rd

McDonald's G-2145 S Linden Rd

McDonald's 1510 Stewart AVE

Hoffman's Deco Deli & Café 444 S Saginaw St

Mancino's Pizza & Grinders 5038-3B Miller RD

Willows Garden Juice Bar 300 E First St

J & Bs Chuckwagon #2 4301 N Saginaw St

J & B's Chuckwagon #1 4301 N Saginaw St

Hampton Inn And Suites 6060 Rashelle Dr

Scratch BBQ and Catering 2373 Austins PKWY

Biggby Coffee 3093 S Linden RD Ste D

Tim Horton's/Cold Stone Creamery 1490 Linden Rd

El Especial 4513 W Pasadena Ave

Slice Pizza and Pies 214 W Fifth AVE

Famous Daves G-3558 Miller Rd

Mr. Prince Gourmet 300 E First St

Mega Classic Diner G-4462 Corunna Rd

China One 3867 Lapeer Rd

Adesa Flint 3711 Western Rd

Chick-Fil-A #5198 3140 Miller RD

Residence Inn Flint Grand Blanc 2202 W Hill Rd

Hurley Medical Center One Hurley Plaza


Flushing 5 out of 7 inspections

Squeeze The Day 137 E Main St

The Elbow Room 131 E Main St

Signature Chophouse 1537 E Pierson Rd

Taco Bell 1535 E Pierson RD

Toddler Country Play Center 5144 Flushing Rd


Goodrich 0 out of 1 inspection

Grand Blanc 14 out of 20 inspections

Taboon Middle Eastern Cuisine 8235 Trillium Circle AVE

Dean Enterprises 1101 E Cook RD

Tropical Smoothie Café 2383 E Hill Rd

Taco Bell 9008 Holly Rd

NCG Trillium 8220 Trillium Circle Ave

Culver's of Grand Blanc 9090 Holly RD

Big John Steak & Onion 252 Perry Rd

Dairy Queen of Grand Blanc 2251 E Hill Rd

Atlas Valley Country Club 8313 Perry Rd

Roly Poly 545 E Grand Blanc, Ste 9

McDonald's 2330 W Grand Blanc RD

McDonald's 12237 S Saginaw

Jersey Mikes Subs 12720 S Saginaw St

Qamaria Coffee (Ayah Kitchen) 11419 S Saginaw St


Linden 2 out of 2 inspections

Subway 200 E Broad St

Bridge Street Coney Café 123 N Bridge St

Montrose 0 out of 1 inspection

Mt. Morris 1 out of 3 inspections

Little Caesar's 11958 1/2 N Saginaw St

Otisville 2 out of 3 inspections

K and J's Pizzeria 377 N State RD
Subway 107 E Main St

Swartz Creek 2 out of 6 inspections

Taco Bell 4311 Elms RD

PITBOSS Smokehouse 10440 Beers RD

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