Dining around Flint and Genesee County, you're likely to hear someone raving about bread.

These restaurants around the county are known for some of the most addicting flavors.

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Best Bread Around Genesee County, Michigan.

These pictures will make a bread-lover's mouth water immediately. You can practically taste the flavors, like this one:

If you know, you know. Sam's Italian Restaurant is off the beaten path. It's one of Genesee County's hidden gems, in business over 50 years. Their "Samoritos" are legendary.

If you've never been, add it to your bucket list, immediately.

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And you can't go wrong with unique flavor of Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bread featured at Davison Home Bakery. Bonus -- they're open late.

How restaurants with great bread were chosen around the Flint area.

  • While we didn't have a team of researchers, we do live here and try lots of restaurants... Just like you.
  • Pizza-only restaurants were not included because that's almost a category of its own. No slight to them.
  • Some pizza-centric items did get included on the list because they're irresistible.

The only downside to this list is that it's not scratch 'n sniff. We're guessing it'll still make your mouth water.

If you think we've missed a spot around Flint & Genesee County, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're always happy to try more bread.

For our gluten free friends, we're not deliberately taunting you -- promise.

Best Restaurant Breads around Flint and Genesee County Michigan

Mom always said, "don't fill up on bread." We're not sure you could resist these savory breads served at some of Flint and Genesee County, MI's best restaurants. We won't ever judge if you make a meal out of bread.

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