Steak, it's what's for dinner. You would be hard-pressed to find many who don't love a great steak dinner, which is why incredible steak houses are such an ongoing trend in dining.

When looking to grab one of those mouthwatering meals with juicy steak as the centerpiece you can usually take your pick from the well-known highly rated big city spots to the local favorites. Still, there's always one spot that is a hidden gem that some absolutely adore and choose to keep a secret. We're talking about the famous "under the radar" eateries that go unnoticed...until now.

So how do you get let in on the secret of the steak? Well, leave it to Cheapism to search out the Best Under-the-Radar Steakhouse in Each State and put them all together in one tidy, yet delicious list. "These are generally not the steak world's usual suspects — but instead, chef- or family-owned steak joints to seek out based on their overall customer ratings, awards, local word of mouth, and expert recommendations", Cheapism said.

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According to CheapisOm, the very best under-the-radar Michigan is Vernales in Harbor Springs. Opened in 2014, Vernales Restaurant sits between Harbor Springs and Petoskey on M119 making it a surefire summer hot spot for those who know about the hidden treasure. Cheapism notes its claim to fame earning the distinction as;

"Vernales co-owners Joe Guthrie and Keith Lynch, the executive chef, source local products and offer prime American wagyu beef, including a dry-aged 30-ounce tomahawk rib-eye steak for two and a 16-ounce New York strip. Make sure to check out steak enhancements such as king crab Oscar."


Make a point to stop in and check out  Vernales and see why it has earned its rightful place as Michigan’s best under-the-radar steakhouse in the state.

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