Hey, Michigan college students and parents! Amazon has just made your holiday travels a whole lot more merrier! They want to help you jet-set home for the holidays without breaking the bank.

Amazon is offering Prime Student members a ticket home for just $25! That's right, you read that correctly, just $25 to reunite with family, friends, and all the festive cheer this holiday season!

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Amazon announced the limited-time deal that is good for one round trip or one-way domestic ticket for flights in the U.S. between mid-December and early January for $25 for a discount rate of up to $500 off the retail value of the ticket. There will be a total of 3,000 $25 flight tickets will be available during the special promotion, with 1,000 tickets becoming available each day.


“As a mom to a first-year college student, I am excited to have my son home for the holidays,” said Carmen Nestares, vice president of U.S. Prime and Marketing Tech at Amazon. “And as travel costs continue to rise, we're happy to help make flying more affordable for Prime Students who want to spend this important time with family and friends. It's another way we're delivering incredible savings, value, and convenience to our Prime Student members each year.”

When Do the $25 Amazon Flights Go on Sale?

If you want to score the discounted tickets, Prime Student members can visit the Prime Student x StudentUniverse page starting Tuesday, December 5th at 6 a.m. PST to book tickets on select domestic flights. The flights will be available while supplies last and are for travel between mid-December and early January 2024. A new batch of flights will be available again on December 6 & 7 starting at midnight (PST).

If you can't snag one of the 3000 discounted flights, StudentUniverse will offer another promotional offer, giving Prime Student members $25 off flights with a special promotional code.

If you don't have one, grab your Prime Student membership, dust off your suitcase, and get ready for an unforgettable holiday season at home! Spread the word, tag your travel buddies, and get a sweet deal now.

Get all the details here now.

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