Fall and Winter lead to moodier people, in general.  Many of the folks we work with will also be irritable or exhibit behaviors we don't notice as much during happier moods in the spring and summer -- the sunshine really does hit different.

#1 Grumpy Co-worker:  Never enough sleep or caffeine.

Something happens to certain people in cooler months. There isn't enough sleep, coffee or redbull in the world to make them alert.  Don't count on these teammates to do anything meaningful until spring.  Pro-tip:  Keep them somewhat engaged by bringing coffee now and then.

Tired overworked man is sleeping on keyboard in office at work.

#2 Grumpy Co-Worker:  The Nail Clipper & Manicurist

For some reason these people don't have enough time, ever, to get ready for work at home when it's cold outside.  You're being productive at your desk or driving to your next appointment when suddenly you hear nail clipping -- and nail clippings all over the floor.  So gross.  When you give them "the look" it's met with "what? jus' trimmin' my nails."  Pro-tip 1: Ask if they'd manscape at work, too... just for sarcasm's sake.  Pro-tip 2: Note to yourself -- casually leave a gift card to any spa/salon in Genesee County to drop the hint.

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Masculine manicure
Masculine manicure. Close-up.

#3 Grumpy Co-Worker:  The Drama Queen (Fall/Winter edition)

First, let me say this title applies to men as well as women.  In the summer we may not notice these people as much (our own vacations, better moods all-around), but in fall & winter it's like we're trapped with them.  No matter the subject -- "everything is wrong." You will certainly never be right or helpful to them.  Expect them "coming in hot" at level 10 grumpiness with any subject.  Pro-tip 1: Shut these people down with a solution to their problem because they aren't looking for solutions, just drama.  They'll move on to the next victim.  Pro-tip 2: If you're sarcastic, when they finish with their rant say "And the award for most dramatic performance goes to..." and leave the room.

Tracy Whiteside

#4 Grumpy Co-Worker:  Perpetually Late to Work

Snow becomes the perfect excuse in Fall & Winter.  Then, "it's so cold" becomes the excuse when there isn't snow to blame.  "The car won't start," "couldn't find the ice scraper and broke my debit card." No matter what, the real reason is -- the bed was warm & comfortable OR they were at Kicker's far too late and crave "hair of the dog" at lunch time.  Pro-tip: Ask them to carpool with you.  Then, lay on the horn in the driveway until their spouse & neighbors insist, they get it together.

Young handsome delivery man wearing glasses and red cap over isolated background Checking the time on wrist watch, relaxed and confident

#5 Grumpy Co-Worker: Your Boss

Let's face it, dealing with all of these people will drive the boss out of their mind. Pro-tip: Don't be a pain in the _______.

angry woman blowing steam coming out of ears

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