Three teens in Livonia, Michigan, recently put their lives on the line to save total strangers from a house fire.

Monday (Aug 29) afternoon a home on Ellen Drive in Livonia somehow caught on fire. According to WDIV, Ethan Morche, Chase Adams, and Colin Anderson noticed smoke coming from the roof as they were driving by. The boys quickly pulled their car over, called 911, and approached the burning home.

Security camera footage shows smoke quickly rolling out from the back of the house as the teens made their way to the front door. Unfortunately, they couldn't get in the front door but could hear someone shouting inside.

They ran around back, found an unlocked door, and went inside. They found two people inside the home and were able to get them out.

It's unclear how old the people in the home were but in the video below, it looks as if they were an elderly couple.

Livonia firefighters were at the scene in less than five minutes.

Livonia Fire and Rescue Chief Robert Jennison:

We couldn’t be more proud of these young men who remained calm, did the right thing, and were directly responsible for saving the lives of two of their neighbors. They could have just drove by, but instead, they decided to take action, and stopped this incident from becoming a tragedy resulting in loss of life.


What these boys did was nothing short of amazing. They could have easily ignored what saw and kept on driving, but they didn't. They stopped and saved the lives of total strangers. Their bravery was very moving.

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