While most of us live for warm summers in Michigan, what residents endured decades ago is something most of us couldn't handle today.

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Even though it's going to be really hot this week, it won't compare to what people in Michigan experienced nearly 88 years ago.

When Was Michigan's Hottest Summer?

Over the years, Michiganders have experienced their fair share of hot summers. Yet, nothing compares to the scorching ordeal endured during the summer of 1936. From July 7 to July 13, Michigan was subjected to a sweltering heatwave, with temperatures reaching unbearable heights.


How Hot Did the Summer of 1936 Get?

It was an absolutely brutal week with temperatures hitting well over 100 degrees every day in Michigan. Between Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw Temps varied between 100 to 111 degrees. It was so hot that 13 state record high temperatures were set that year.

The hottest day in Michigan during that week-long stretch of heat was on July 13 when temps reached 112 degrees in Mio. To this day, that is the highest temperature ever recorded in Michigan.

How Many People in Michigan Died During the Heat Wave of 1936?

570 people lost their lives during the heat wave of 1936. The majority of the lives lost were infants and the elderly.

The 1936 North American heat wave was one of the most severe heat waves in the modern history of North America.

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