Things are going to get really cold in Michigan next week.

We've had one heck of a run this season with mild temperatures and very little snow (until recently). As far as the temperature goes, that will all change next week as temps will drop into the teens.


Next week we'll see temps dropping into the teens with single-digit lows overnight. This isn't just some deep freeze that will only affect us for one day. Oh no, Mother Nature will be reminding us that winter is truly here all week long.

How Cold Will Michigan Get Next Week?

According to The Weather Channel, Mid-Michigan will see temps below freezing for a full week straight.

  • Sunday, January 14 - High 17/Low 6
  • Monday, January 15 -  High 15/Low 8
  • Tuesday, January 16 - High 13/Low 4
  • Wednesday, January 17 - High 17/Low 14
  • Thursday, January 18 - High 23/Low 13
  • Friday, January 19 -  High 19/Low 10
  • Saturday, January 20 - High 20/Low 13
  • Sunday, January 21 - High/Low 18 

Thankfully those freezing temps will only be around for a week. The week of January 22nd, things will start to warm back up as temps climb back into the 30s.

Of course, this is Michigan, and the weather can change just like that.


Before we even start to think about next week's weather, we need to deal with what's being served to us this weekend.

Things aren't going to be as bad as originally predicted but it's still going to get pretty nasty. We could see 6-8 inches of snow in Mid-Michigan between Friday and Saturday. Late Friday night, we could also see a nasty rain/snow combo.

As I said, we've had a really good run.

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