You have to admit, Michigan has had a pretty good run so far with very little snowfall this season. However, it looks like that is about to change very soon.

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While it seems predicting Michigan's weather patterns can be a real challenge at times, meteorologists seem relatively confident that we're going to see significant snowfall across the state next week.

This is the moment outdoor winter enthusiasts have been waiting for...snow, and lots of it.


When Can Michigan Residents Expect This Winter Storm?

According to Fox 17, a large system could impact the majority of the state on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Forecast models are beginning to agree that a widespread winter storm will arrive on Tuesday. As of now, this storm looks to bring mainly heavy, wet, high-moisture content snow with some rain mixing in at times.

How Much Snow Could Michigan Potentially Get?

It's still a bit early to predict but forecasters say it depends on the temperature. If temperatures are on the warmer side, we will see more rain. If temperatures lean on the cooler side, we will see more snow.

Euro Model:
Detroit - 1 inch of snow
Flint  - 5.3 inches of snow
Grand Rapids - 6.6 inches of snow
Kalamazoo - 8.5 inches in snow
Mt. Pleasant - 9 inches of snow

GFS Model:
Detroit - 4.9 inches of snow
Flint  - 8.1 inches of snow
Grand Rapids - 8.7 inches of snow
Kalamazoo - 7.8 inches in snow
Mt. Pleasant - 10.4 inches of snow

There's a big difference between the two models but one thing they both have in common is a lot of snowfall throughout Michigan.

We've been sitting by watching other states take a beating from old Mother, it's our turn.

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