Be sure to look your best the next time you're rolling up to the McDonald's drive-thru because you just might be on camera.

Does McDonald's Have Hidden Cameras?

Several people who claim to be current or former McDonald's employees recently shared on social media that the restaurant chain has "hidden" cameras in its drive-thru lanes.

The Mirror reported on a since-removed TikTok video that explained McDonald's locations will take a photo of you after your order is placed. The photo is then "linked" to the order so they give you the correct items when picking up your food.

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Sure, it's not 100% accurate (I'm looking at you McDonald's near my house that always messes up my coffee), but it does make sense. The workers at the window do seem to know what you ordered before handing anything to you.

Here's what it looks like on the McDonald's side of the window.

Do McDonald's Drive-Thru Workers Hear Everything?

Hey, remember that snarky comment you made about the person working the drive-thru taking FOR-EV-ER to ask for your order? They probably heard that.

Former and current McDonald's employees also recently revealed how the fast food chain's speaker system works.

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The report from the Mirror says McDonald's workers can hear everything thing you say from the moment you pull up to the speaker to the moment you drive away. Yes, they very well could be listening prior to saying "welcome to McDonald's, go ahead with your order."

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McDonald's workers included in the article said the audio is "triggered" once there is sound in the area where you order in the drive-thru.

You might want to hold back on muttering "what's taking so long" the next time you're frustrated in the drive-thru and need a Big Mac right away.

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