This day will never go away, and it will likely become harder for all of us who lived through it.

September 11th will keep popping up on our calendars until we all meet our personal demise. And for those of us who remember the actual day in 2001, it will probably be a struggle every single year.

We all have our "I remember where I was" story; hell, I remember what I was wearing. I got in a fender bender that morning and skipped my first college math class.

It's a hard day for everybody. You don't have to have a personal connection to somebody who lost their life, you don't have to have been in New York City that day to have feelings about it. It was scary. Our country, our livelihood, our families and friends were ALL threatened that day.

Of course, take a moment to remember the thousands of lives that were lost on that day, and the thousands that have been lost since because of it.

But remember to take care of YOURSELF today. It's okay to feel sad. As we try to go about our day, whether it's work, parenting, etc., we're going to be overwhelmed with remembrances, documentaries, pictures and video that will trigger those feelings from 18 years ago.

Embrace those feelings. FEEL THEM. Experience them. Cry if you need to. All of that is OKAY. If we STOP feeling those things, there's a bigger problem.

I'm here with all of you. Here's my virtual hug. If you see me in person, let's hug it out for real.


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