Well, we all wanted fall weather to come. We all had to know that fall weather brings the "cold season" for Michigan.

If you have noticed in past years, we usually get freeze or frost warnings in the beginning and end of winter, but only a few times per year. That is because once the National Weather Service declares it is "cold season", they no longer issue them.

The NWS issued a warning via twitter this morning that the growing season is over in Southeast Lower Michigan, and they will no longer issue freeze warnings.

In the Flint area, I have only seen one freeze warning so far, and it was today. Gone are my hopes of one more warm up before winter becomes official. Just because the NWS declared the cold season doesn't mean we will have freezing temperatures every night, it just means we shouldn't be surprised by them at this point in the year. We should know to cover the tomato plants, as my grandmother would say because frost can happen at any point now.

I can still hold out hope for one more warm burst of air before the snow starts flying. I'll hold out hope for Halloween, those kids have had a rough few years.


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