I've had my phone number for a few years and, for the most part, it's been pretty good. Up until a few months ago, the biggest issue with my number was this lady who keeps texting me thinking I'm her dad. I've tried to explain to her multiple times over the past two years that she has the wrong number saved, but she insisted that "sometimes this number works for my dad and sometimes I get you." Okay, lady.

My exchanges with the woman who doesn't know how to use her phone are more amusing than annoying. Plus, I only get a couple a year (I told her she should really text her dad more than that). I wish I could say that this new issue I'm having was only a couple times a year, but it's more like a couple times a day.

At least twice a day, I get a call saying something similar to the following:

"Hi, this is Stacy a [phone briefly cuts out] trip advisor calling on a recorded line. Can you hear me okay?"

Sometimes the call is local, sometimes it's not. It is, however, always annoying. I actually remember hearing about this type of phone scam years back. The goal is to get you to say "yes" and then they capture that as a voice signature and use it to approve fraudulent charges. I always just hang up on them now, but I bet they're getting a lot of people that don't know any better.

Be careful not to fall for this one. Don't say "yes" to anyone over the phone or you might end up having to dispute some charges... possibly worse.

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