Inspired by Donald Trump's recent offer to President Obama, Stephen Colbert has decided to raise the stakes.

Just a couple of days ago, Trump received a fresh onslaught of ridicule when he posted a YouTube video -- which he hyped for days in advance — offering $5 million to have President Obama's college records released.

This misfire created an opportunity for Stephen Colbert and his writers to conjure up what might be the funniest thing ever to land on 'The Colbert Report.'

Coming in at just under two minutes long, the video shows Colbert ever-so eloquently giving Trump a chance to have $1 million donated to a charity of his choosing. The only term? Just a little friendly tea-bagging, from the Comedy Central superstar to the real estate mogul. And like Trump's proposal, the act must be completed by no later than 5PM on Oct. 31. (Explains Colbert: "My balls have a thing that night.")

This presents an interesting ethical question: is it wrong to root for a charitable donation of $1M instead of Trump's $5M offer, since this one would include a comeuppance for one of the most obnoxious humans alive?

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