Scientists in India suggest for improved health people should eat more dietary fibers.After studying dietary fiber over the last few decades around the world, researchers suggest that a gradual increase of dietary fibers would be beneficial in the avoidance of certain stomach ailments, like intestinal gas and loose stool. They also suggest spreading out high fiber foods throughout the day is the best way to first incorporate fiber in your diet.

Published in the International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health, led study author Vikas Rana of the Rain Forest Institute and her team showed that fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods, such as muesli, porridge, beans and pulses, are of great benefit health-wise and should be included in everyday meals.

Fruits and vegetables contain two different types of fibers — soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers are broken down in the colon and changes into biological active byproducts and gases, and insoluble fibers absorb water as it passes through the digestive system, providing additional mass for the intestinal muscles in order to ease bowel movements and stomach discomfort.

Rana also stress the importance of maintaining gastrointestinal health, as stomach ailments left unchecked can lead to a host of complicated diseases, and feel this is extremely important communicate to the general public sooner than later.

“Consuming adequate quantities of dietary fiber can lead to improvement in gastrointestinal health, and reduction in susceptibility to diseases such as diverticular disease, heart disease, colon cancer, and diabetes. Increased consumption has also been associated with increased satiety and weight loss,” Rana concluded.