NFL fans are very vocal about the news that our own Detroit Lions QB, Matt Stafford is now the highest paid player in NFL history.

Stafford and the Lions agreed to a five year contract worth about $27 Million per year. There are also bonuses worth $50 Million according to ESPN.

Before any of the discussion starts, let me be very clear about something . . .


I actually think he is a very good NFL quarterback, and I am very happy he is set to be a Lion for what should be the rest of his career.  With that being said, let's get to the obvious knocks on Stafford.

He hasn't won a playoff game. He has a losing record against teams with winning records (5-46).

Let's look at some of the accomplishments Stafford has racked up.  He holds every Lions passing record possible. He is a top 50 NFL QB statistically. He has had his three career best seasons under the current Lions coaching staff.

The most important thing is that Stafford is as tough as they come, and he WANTS to lead the Lions to the Superbowl. His teammates all believe in him, and this erases any doubt about the Lions future at QB.

Golden Tate was one of the first of his teammates to congratulate him.

As predicted though, Twitter has been full of Stafford haters.

The reaction hasn't been all negative though, and most NFL experts knew that this was coming. The trend lately has been to pay players more and more money. This means that Stafford, and his huge contract will be surpassed very soon, maybe before the end of this season.

I'll end with one clip that should shut down most of the haters out there, and will definitely be appreciated by any NFL fan that loves a team with a QB that is not dedicated to his city.



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